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Self defence, not competitive sports



We retain the old techniques and scope of syllabus comprising 29 systems, each with sub sections, from the early days of karate. This is so it can be used solely for the purpose of self preservation – protecting the body, self discipline of the mind, and enlightenment of the spirit. It is for the establishment of self defence skills and not for entering tournaments. We do not take part in or support karate competitions of any kind.

Through teaching karate science, karate philosophy, karate enlightenment, karate love and karate values our students also improve the quality of their characters. When there is good character in the dojo, there is a positive flow on effect to righteous behaviour in the home and ultimately, peace in the community.


Our System includes the physical, mental and spiritual areas of traditional karate


Goshin Kan’s home dojos are based in Sydney, Australia but the teaching is provided worldwide via online learning. Unlike many other styles, the founder and head teacher, Hanshi Deena Naidu, is actively involved in teaching in person and online – and to all levels of students. He believes that anyone who wants to learn the art of Goshin Kan traditional karate should be able to do so – regardless of their location or situation and at minimal cost.

Students will learn the art of traditional self defence to better protect themselves as well increasing their confidence and fitness, reducing their ego, developing character, and becoming more self disciplined. By understanding and practising Goshin Kan’s human values of truth, love, peace, right action and non-violence, students are on the right path to live happy and fulfilled lives, and be positive members of their families, communities and society at large.


Being part of Goshin Kan means students will also learn the difference between karate and karate-do. Karate is the physical movement training. Karate-do is the true Empty Hand Way involving the teaching of physical defence, mental discipline and spiritual knowledge. Once a student understands this, they are on their way to understand things far greater than just punching, kicking and blocking. This is what Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei taught Hanshi Deena Naidu.

The aspirations of a true karateka are the same as those seeking the spiritual path; and that is to find truth. However, for the martial artist, mastering physical techniques leads one to control the ever-active mind which in turn makes one spiritually aware. All three are necessary; the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Without any one of these, it is not martial arts.


Hanshi Deena Naidu is a direct student of Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei. He was the 6th person in the world to graduate from the Japan karate-do Goju-kai college in 1976 with a Japanese government recognised certification.
Hanshi teaches at Goshin Kan dojos in Sydney Australia, and travels to India, South Africa, Botswana and Kenya to meet and teach his teachers and students there, guiding them inbetween visits with personal, tailored online tuition.
As the number of karate practitioners in many other countries reaching out to Hanshi for information has steadily increased, he has established this website to make his knowledge more accessible to students and teachers of all levels, wherever in the world they may be.

‘There seems to something missing in karate these days – and that is the human development of character. I see karate as a tool to refine the person. I have been teaching human values to my students for over 40 years and have stuck to the path of traditional karate. There are many organisations who do not see it this way and make karate look cheap and meaningless. Much of their teaching is based on development of a student’s ego by trying to create champions and teaching only the students who can perform well. I see every student as a champion, acknowledging the fact that they participate with effort. One thing I have learnt – it’s not the system that you practice that makes you a good karateka, it is the quality of the teacher who guides you.’
Hanshi Deena Naidu

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A student of Goshin Kan Karate

I’ve been actively training and studying Karate for 46 years. I’ve learned more from you in the short time we’ve become friends, you mentoring me and teaching me, than all that time in diligent study. Hanshi, you exemplify love. You freely give of yourself and your knowledge. You go to great lengths to make sure I understand. I am grateful. One may ask, “How is this possible?” That’s easy. First most martial artists’ ego is so inflated that their teachings become more about themselves instead of motivating and inspiring their students in an uplifting manner. Second, all they know is the physical component of their art and 9 times out of 10, that’s geared towards sports. They are more concerned with learning numerous Kata, than they are in truly analyzing it and thoroughly understanding its bunkai. All kata has become today is Martial Ballet!! Looks great yet clueless as to what they are doing. I’m one of the 20%. I am looking for other 20% for I will continue to carry your torch of ‘authentic traditional’ Karate.” Oneigashimasu!

Shihan Elexander Fitzgerald Jr, USA