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Hanshi Deena Naidu is the founder of Goshin Kan karate and a well-known teacher among practitioners worldwide. He is known for his contribution to the physical aspects of the art and also recognised internationally as one of the major sources of knowledge in regard to traditional karate’s spiritual and philosophical teachings.

He is a Spiritual Counsellor, Karate Master, Reiki Master, Keihatsu Master, Human Values Teacher, Sports and Life Coach, and published author of nine books.

Throughout his life, Hanshi has had a great yearning for spiritual knowledge. Born into a family of Divine loving people made his spiritual search easier and his life changed dramatically when his family came into contact with a spiritual teacher in 1969.

With deep wisdom, Hanshi Deena Naidu teaches Human Values called Kea (Care) and Keihatsu (Enlightenment). He yearns to bring love and light to the life of people around him and strives for transformation. He provides consulting and coaching to clients in multiple areas of their life, and unlocks their full potential to have success, love, health and happiness.

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Watch this video to find out more – Hanshi explains the SMA journey