Home Practice with Hanshi Deena Naidu

We invite you to train with Goshin Kan Karate

These videos are being made available for current Goshin Kan students and also for any karateka who are in isolation or lockdown.

Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to use them for your own karate practice.

Hanshi Deena Naidu

Karate Essentials

Warm up

Stretching  by Joji Iwanami Shihan

Understanding Ippo Dosa

Effective training sessions for practice in a small area

Extended Warm up and Training

Angles and Blocks

Angles, Blocks, Strikes and Self defence

Basic kata bunkai if you are lucky enough to have a training partner at home with you!

Kata Insights for Senior Students

These sessions are aimed at beginners and junior levels

Jodan Kata

Teaching a young child a basic moving technique

How to punch correctly

How to punch at different levels

Basic self defence techniques for everyone

Light warm up

Basic Defence – Single hand grip

Basic Defence – Opposite hand grip

Basic Defence – Two hands on two hands