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A student of Goshin Kan Karate

I’ve been actively training and studying Karate for 46 years. I’ve learned more from you in the short time we’ve become friends, you mentoring me and teaching me, than all that time in diligent study. Hanshi, you exemplify love. You freely give of yourself and your knowledge. You go to great lengths to make sure I understand. I am grateful. One may ask, “How is this possible?” That’s easy. First most martial artists’ ego is so inflated that their teachings become more about themselves instead of motivating and inspiring their students in an uplifting manner. Second, all they know is the physical component of their art and 9 times out of 10, that’s geared towards sports. They are more concerned with learning numerous Kata, than they are in truly analyzing it and thoroughly understanding its bunkai. All kata has become today is Martial Ballet!! Looks great yet clueless as to what they are doing. I’m one of the 20%. I am looking for other 20% for I will continue to carry your torch of ‘authentic traditional’ Karate.” Oneigashimasu!

Shihan Elexander Fitzgerald Jr, USA