Disclaimer Requirements

I hereby certify that the above particulars are true and correct. I am willing to become amember of Goshin Kan Karate-do Australia. I agree to hold all Goshin Kan’s officers, employees, agents and all members of the club INDEMNIFIED against and from any such claim, demand or demands which herein may be made by myself or any such other person, for or in respect of any injury sustained by myself from any cause whatsoever, while I am taking part in any training, competition or journey to or from the place of training as at the time being held. I will abide by the rules and regulations of Goshin Kan Karate-do and its associated clubs. I will not use this knowledge to injure or hurt anyone unless necessary in self-defence. I will
not teach or share any of this knowledge with others without first seeking permission from the chief teacher Hanshi Deena Naidu. I am seeking renewal of membership or paying for membership of this organisation. I am fully aware of my obligation and if I do not conform to its rules and regulations, then all grades of achievement will be null and void.